The basics of home brewing

Adding any one of these steps to your coffee program will only enhance the experience and help you replicate your success.

If you can (...and you can. I believe in you) buy beans from a coffee roaster or importer. Not from the grocery store. Coffee is not shelf stable

Buy enough for the week

Buy a grinder and grind right before you brew

If you are brewing manually, use a timer

Use weight based measuring verses volumetric

Share you results with someone


Hario V60

  • brew ratio  1:15-1:16
  • grind medium (6-7 on Ek43)(20-22 on baratza)
  • water temperature - 203°F
  • bloom 20 seconds
  • extraction time 2:30

Important note about this brewer** The design of cone and filter set can make ridiculously awesome coffee with the right attention to detail. It is important to keep a close eye on the volume of the cone. The higher it is filled the faster water will flow through the filter. To ensure proper rate of extraction follow a few steps.

  1. Rinse the filter with hot water
  2. Dose ground coffee 
  3. Bloom pour hot water onto bed of grounds (amount of water should be double the dose weight of coffee) rest 20 secs
  4. Extract start/breakdown Pour using a restricted flow rate with quick circular movement to homogenize the color of crema. Pour in small bursts, keep cone halfway filled.
  5. Extraction finish  Once the crema is broken down to a strawberry blonde/white color or has dissipated completely, increase the rate of water flow, fill cone 3/4 full and discontinue heavy movement. Pour until total yield is achieved.