Hario V60

  • brew ratio  1:15-1:16
  • grind medium (6-7 on Ek43)(20-22 on baratza)
  • water temperature - 203°F
  • bloom 20 seconds
  • extraction time 2:30

Important note about this brewer** The design of cone and filter set can make ridiculously awesome coffee with the right attention to detail. It is important to keep a close eye on the volume of the cone. The higher it is filled the faster water will flow through the filter. To ensure proper rate of extraction follow a few steps.

  1. Rinse the filter with hot water
  2. Dose ground coffee 
  3. Bloom pour hot water onto bed of grounds (amount of water should be double the dose weight of coffee) rest 20 secs
  4. Extract start/breakdown Pour using a restricted flow rate with quick circular movement to homogenize the color of crema. Pour in small bursts, keep cone halfway filled.
  5. Extraction finish  Once the crema is broken down to a strawberry blonde/white color or has dissipated completely, increase the rate of water flow, fill cone 3/4 full and discontinue heavy movement. Pour until total yield is achieved.

cold brew

Toddy Style - ratio 1:11

A guide for how you can get the Brioso Cold Brew experience at home! Cold Brew is one of our most loved products, so just for you, we'll tell you how you can make it yourself with just a few really easy steps. Perfect for coffee in a hurry, really hot days, or just when you need that extra motivation to do whatever you do. *hint* Since this is a 12 hour brew time, it's good to start this in the evening or before bed so it's ready in the morning! 

What you'll need

  • 1.3 L of room temperature water 
  • large container that fits over a gallon of liquid with a lid
  • 1 lb of coarsely ground coffee (we can grind for you! try our Cold Brew Blend!) 
  • strainer
  • very large paper filter with a string tie

How to achieve greatness

  1. Set up your room temperature water inside the container that you will brew your coffee in, having these set up before you grind or steep the coffee will make brewing much easier. 
  2. Put your coarsely ground coffee into a large paper filter and tie it off with some string to make sure the grounds do not spill into the water. 
  3. Carefully submerge the filter bag into the water and make sure all the air pockets have been saturated with water. Typically air bubbles will float to the surface when the coffee is first submerged, when those dissipate, you're good to go! 
  4. Place the lid on your container and let that baby brew for 12 hours
  5. After 12 hours has passed, take your strainer and pull the coffee filter bag out, let the excess coffee drain into your toddy, you don't want to lose this precious coffee inside the filter! 
  6. Place it in a pitcher or just leave it in your brewing container for up to a week and a half in your fridge. 
  7. Share with friends! If you need friends, let us know :)